Frequently asked questions about attending a WELCOME CRHP 2.0 Retreat:

  1. Who May Attend?
    WELCOME 2.0 is open to all adults interested in deepening their relationship with Christ.
  2. How Long Is The Retreat?
    The Retreat begins at 6:30 pm  on Friday evening and ends Saturday evening before 8:00 pm.

    *No overnight stay is required. You go home to sleep and return the next morning to resume the retreat.
  3. What About Sacraments?
    Mass will be celebrated on Saturday evening. An opportunity for Reconciliation will be provided for anyone who desires this sacrament.
  4. Where Do I Sleep?
    You sleep at home and return the next morning.
  5. What About Meals?
    The Saints Francis & Clare community provides meals. There are also regular breaks for coffee, soft drinks, water and snacks.

    If you have a special diet, please let us know when you register so we will be able to provide for your needs.
  6. How Should I Dress For The Retreat?
    Casual and comfortable clothing is appropriate for both Friday and Saturday.
  7. Who Conducts The Retreat?
    The presenting team is made up of parishioners who have attended previous retreats. There is no further commitment required beyond the retreat, but attendees do have an opportunity to present a future retreat.
  8. Where Does The Retreat Take Place?
    As the intention is to spiritually renew the parish, it is conducted in our parish complex.
  9. Will I Be Required To Speak In Front Of People?
    You will not be required to speak in front of the group. Participation is at your own comfort level.
  10. If I Have Attended The Retreat In The Past, Can I Attend Again?
    Yes!  WELCOME 2.0 is an opportunity to renew your relationship with God and so we encourage past participants to attend WELCOME 2.0 as often as possible to renew your faith.
  11. What Does The Retreat Cost?
    There is NO COST to attend a WELCOME 2.0 Retreat.
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