We believe a uniform code is appropriate for our school environment. Student dress has a direct influence on attitude and behavior. A dress code eliminates competition of student dress and allows emphasis to remain on the learning process.

There are two distinct uniforms in our code: Mass Day Uniform and Daily Uniform. We collaborate with Lands’ End for school uniforms. Students are required to purchase only certain uniform items from the uniform company. Those items are indicated with an asterisk in the descriptions below. This ensures a uniform look among our students. Lands’ End makes it convenient for Saints Francis & Clare students to shop online at www.landsend.com (Preferred School Number: 900144692). 


Uniform Policy PDF

Mass Uniform

All items denoted by a single asterisk (*) must be purchased from Lands’ End.

Daily Uniform

Shorts may be worn from August – Fall Break and after Spring Break – June.

Girls and Boys K-8:
• Khaki uniform pants, khaki shorts, khaki/plaid skirts* or khaki/plaid skorts* with a navy blue or white polo shirt
• Navy uniform pants, navy uniform shorts, navy/plaid skirts* or navy/plaid skorts* with a
white polo shirt


All items denoted by a single asterisk (*) must be purchased from Lands' End.

Special Notes & Accessories

Special notes:
• Navy polo may not be worn with navy pants.
• The Daily Uniform, including skorts and skirts, can be worn with tennis shoes.
• Daily Uniform pants can be purchased at any retailer.
• Mass Day Uniform pants must be from Lands’ End.
• All pants and shorts must be of uniform style including a zipper and button.
• Cargo pants and shorts are not approved.
• The Mass Day Uniform may be worn instead of the Daily Uniform.

• Belt required for all students in grades 3 - 8
- Black or brown belt for boys
        - Black, brown or navy for girls
• White/Navy above the ankle socks or tights

Approved Daily Wear Cold Weather Option

SSFC 1/4 Zip sweatshirts or fleece may be purchased online.  These daily uniform pieces will have the SSFC logo and can be worn with the daily uniform.

Approved Fleece, Crewneck, and 1/4 Zip

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