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Daily attendance is important, however when your child is absent, please notify the office either via the attendance line at (317)215-2827 or email to

We understand that medical appointments are often scheduled during the school day.  We also realize that children become ill and need to be seen by a physician.  Be sure to get a medical note from your doctor or dentist at the end of his/her appointment and turn it at the office to the school secretary. This way, your child's absence will be changed to excused.  It does not change the fact that he/she was  absent and not present.

Your child will get an ED (early dismissal) on his/her attendance if he/she leaves before the release bell at 3:15 pm.  This includes study trips, school parties, doctor/dentist appointments and volunteering.  ED will prevent your student from earning perfect attendance.


Any medications given to students must be dropped off at the office by a parent or guardian.  This includes prescriptions, cough drops and over the counter medications.  We do not have a central supply of medication to give your children.  Parents need to complete our pink consent form in order for staff members to administer their medications.  Families may send in 1 bottle of medication (Tylenol, Advil...) or 1 bag of cough drops for all family members.


Children going into kindergarten and 6th grade require an update to their immunizations.  Please send in these updated immunization records to the office to the school nurse.  We will complete and audit of the students in those grades and students who are new to the school.  Parents will be notified via email if their student is out of compliance with their immunization records.  Parents will have 20 days from the start of school to make appointments to update student immunizations.  If students are out of compliance after 20 days, they will be excluded from school.  I you need religious or medical exemption immunizations forms, please contact Mrs. Hill,


Our School Nurse, Jennifer Hill RN BSN

Jennifer Hill had been working in our Health Center as a volunteer nurse for 9 Years.  She and her husband Jeremy are parishioners, and their three children attend SSFC and Roncalli.

Jennifer has worked for 20 years as a nurse in various medical settings.  At the beginning of the 2014-15 school year, Jennifer accepted the position as our full-time school nurse.  We are blessed to have her expertise, knowledge, and warm smile.

Jennifer and her husband also coordinate adult co-ed volleyball on Friday nights here at SSFC.

Jennifer Hill can be contacted by calling (317)859-4673 or email
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