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ClassKit is an easy solution to back-to-school shopping for you and your student.

  1. For school supplies, go to and click on School Search.
  2. Put Greenwood in for City. 
  3. Our school Zip Code is 46143 .
  4. Click on Sts. Francis & Clare Catholic School .
  5. School Access Code is SSFNC2020
  6. Select the grade of your child.  Please purchase both the standard kit and the gender kit for your child.  You may print the class kit list out and go shopping on your own.

Late Fee Deadline is Friday, July 31st.

Weather Related Closings & Delays

School Emergency Closing Information Sources
We have families driving from near and far. We attempt to take all of this into consideration when determining whether or not to delay or close. That can be challenging as the weather conditions can vary significantly in different locations.
Parents, please know that it is ALWAYS YOUR DECISION as to whether or not your child can travel safely to school. If the conditions in your general area are such that you deem it unsafe for you to travel, please do what you feel is best for your family. We will make every effort to be sensitive to the safety and well-being of all of our school families at all times.
During times of emergency or adverse weather conditions, we request that you do not call our school  office unless it is an emergency as it is important to keep phone lines free for emergency calls.
In times of emergencies/school closings, information will be shared with the community through the following:
                  •                  The home page of our website:
                  •                  Jupiter Ed email snd text
                  •                  Twitter – @ssfcschool 
                  •                  Facebook –

Please note: We do not post closing information on local news broadcasting.  We do NOT follow Center Grove.  If school is NOT cancelled or delayed, you will NOT receive any type of notification.  Morning care availability will vary based on each individual situation and will be communicated through the JUPITER. The ECM will NOT recognize a two hour delay for infants, toddlers and year-round preschoolers. The ECM will follow SSFC School closings.   
Emergency And Weather-related School Delays:
In the case of a 2-hour school delay, morning care availability will vary based on the weather conditions. The school doors will open at 9:30 for all students  with a 9:50 start time. Lunch will still be served at normal scheduled lunch hours.
Emergency And Weather-related Early Dismissal:
If we need to close school early, if for some reason, you cannot pick up your child due to an emergency, we will provide care for your children until 3:15. After 3:15, enrichment fees will apply. Parents and emergency contacts will receive phone calls if their child is not picked up when school dismisses.
Emergency And Weather-related School Closing:
If it is necessary for the principal to close or delay the start of schools due to inclement weather or other emergencies, parents may obtain information from the sources listed above.
If schools are closed, or closed early due to weather conditions, all after-school and evening activities, pertaining to school, scheduled in school facilities are cancelled.
Emergency Preparedness
Advance preparation and planning can minimize the risks inherent in any emergency situation. Saints Francis & Clare has worked closely with the Johnson County Sherriff’s Department, the State Police, and the White River TWP Fire Department to develop coordinated emergency response procedures.

Snow Make-Up Days
Information will be communicated via email to parents regarding snow make-up days dependent upon the date of snow cancellations.

Uniform Code

Parent Expectations

SSFC Mission Statement:
Saints Francis & Clare of Assisi School Ministry prepares children to be leaders in faith, academics and character
Our Catholic identity, academic excellence and nurturing environment empower children to know, love and serve God.
A child’s best hope of reaching his/her potential is when parents and educators work as partners for success. Below is a list of expectations of all school parents, which will be added to the school handbook.
As we are the primary educators of our children . . .
•           We will attend Sunday Mass services in our church and be active in our faith as an example for our children.
•           We will be involved in school and parish events as well as service opportunities in the community.
•           We will stay informed of school and church events through The Wolf Report, teacher newsletters, and the parish bulletin.
•           We will provide the school with all medical, dental, psychological, baptismal and other pertinent information teachers and staff need to help our children function successfully both academically and socially.
•           We agree to support Ss. Francis & Clare of Assisi parish through prayer, positive relationships, and the giving of our time, talent, and treasure. We will pay our tuition in accordance with timelines established by the school.
•           We will do our best to plan medical appointments and family vacations around the school calendar in order to avoid missing any instruction.
•           We will avoid gossip and be supportive of the school, teachers, and administration in front of our children and parish community.
•           We will contact our child’s teacher to schedule a conference as soon as we feel a problem exists. We will withhold judgment until speaking with the teacher, whom we will always contact first before contacting the principal or assistant principal.
•           We will regularly review school provided devices to ensure appropriate and safe interactions with others.
•           We agree that any communication with our child during the school day will always go through the school office.

2020-21 School Calendar

2020-2021 Parent/Student Handbook



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