About Us

Saints Francis & Clare of Assisi Catholic School opened its doors in 2006 to serve children and families seeking a 21st Century Catholic School education in the Center Grove area. We achieve this by focusing on the three areas: Faith, Academics and Technology.



At Saints Francis & Clare of Assisi Catholic School, we believe each child is gifted by God and possesses unique talents. Our job is to identify those gifts and nurture students to become global citizens. We are extremely proud of our rich Roman Catholic heritage and traditions. Our Catholic identity is the foundation of everything we do for our students.


Differentiated education, student layering, and project-based learning are all innovative concepts – and ones we implement every day. We understand very few children fit into a pre-cut mold for any grade. For that reason, we strive to meet students at their individual learning level and lead them on a path that takes them as far as they can go.


Today's students have been born into a digital generation. At Saints Francis & Clare of Assisi Catholic School, we prepare our students to be leaders and innovators in a global setting. With that in mind, we embrace technology as an important instructional tool.  We also teach, reinforce, and model digital citizenship and responsible use with any technology in our classrooms.
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